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Want Flame's ?     Our Kits are # 1 Choice made easy

With Spit-Fire Flame Kit, you can be shooting Flame's in no time , Safe or unsafe? Done correctly it can
be safe and fun !A wire from the Battery to a switch ,than to spark plugs mounted
in the tail pipes. It doesn't work ! Ok , Maybe once After it blows your mufflers and exhaust manifold gaskets off !
With Spit-Fire Exhaust Flame throwing Street Kit , It's fast , simple and easy to install. Approx. 1 1/2 hr to install using common tools. Street kit's are the most common flame thrower.
" Spit-Fire flame thrower works on, cars , trucks, Motorcycles ,Street rods , rat rods ,Hot rods One kit will do Single or dual exhaust !
 You can shoot Flame's driving or parked . Cars and Trucks Have a choice of kits, Spit-Fire Street kit or Spit-Fire Show Flame's Kit. Cars ,Trucks ,Hot Rods that have carbs. Can use Spit-Fire Street kit. Street kits are very easy to install and are the least expensive to install .
All late model cars, trucks with cat. Converters, Fuel injection, efi or turbo's MUST use Spit-Fire show Kits, This is your only option .Injection setup can cost anywhere from 150.00 upwards, from start to finish doing it your self. Again ,Spit-Fire Show Kits are for cars ,Trucks and Motorcycles that have cat Converters, efi, fi , or if you have a Carb car and just want big flame's for show. Instructions give you all part numbers to make sure you get the right parts. Parts can be purchased online, local speed shops .

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1940 Hudson Shooting Flames



flame thrower on a PT cruzer                        1964 chevy throwing flames



pt cruiser shooting flames                            Ranchero shooting flames






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