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spit fire show flames      motorcycle flame kit

Dual Exhaust , left photo ,  Single exhaust, right photo , Both injected Show Flame's Kits
Flame length are set by changing Jet sizes on flame setup, NOT the motor !




John ssinsiter choppers

Yes its true! John Shope of SSINISTER CHOPPERS was chosen and is the winner, CMT's The Chopper Challenge



Show Flame kit dual for Motorcycle .One kit will  flame both tail pipes or just one exhaust pipe . You do not need two kits to do dual exhaust .Note: added parts need purchased as per instructions , instructions will give you all detail including part numbers . One exhaust pipe is all needed to shoot flames if you run both exhaust on one side of your bike .If you have dual or split exhaust , kit will flame both pipes or just one, you choose . You will receive wiring Harness, wire clips, Plug Bungs, You can use any 12V push button  for your switch ! Horn buttons on motorcycles are popular for push button . Switch is not included  with spit fire show kits ! You will need to purchase extra parts to make this kit complete from any local speed shop. Common tools is all that's needed . Read FAQ's. Remember, Spit-Fire Show kits inject fuel into the exhaust where as Spit Fire Street Kit burns un burnt gas the motor does not burn .  You are releasing all liability by purchasing Spit fire show kit. Use common sense, use at your own risk !



Josh added fire to his  Kool Scoot !




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